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Good question. Wish I knew the answer. All I know is I’m English, far too old, and a freelance writer, teacher and musician.

He lives with his wife Rose and his dog Kate in the windy wilds of rural Lincolnshire. East coast of the UK. A land of flat fields, few people and huge, open skies.

This is my digital front door: the entrance to Ravenscroft on the Web. From here you can, amongst other delights:


Well, there’s plenty of free stuff for all you writers out there, including:


‘Beautifully composed and performed.’

‘Played with perfectly sustained balance, timing and speed.’

‘A pleasure to listen to.’

Quite a lot. If you’re a complete beginner I can teach you how to play, either face-to-face or over the Internet.


If you already have some technical ability, I can help you improve - and perhaps introduce you to the arcane wonders of DADGAD.


For more details about my guitar instruction, click here.

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‘Murderous and true, but elegantly so - and very visual.’ (Fay Weldon)

‘Both funny and well-observed.’ (Sir John Mortimer)

John Ravenscroft’s Prose Is: